Marina & Julian | High Line Engagement Photos

Marina and Julian are a really sweet young couple who have a lot of excitement going on in their lives, and it was a total honor to take their engagement photos. Marina is finishing up her degree in musical theatre with an internship here in New York City, and Julian is heading off on a deployment with the US Army in a few weeks — making these photos even more meaningful and special.

The forecast for the morning called for rain, so I was totally prepared to do the majority of our shooting indoors at Chelsea Market. But when the sun started poking out we took advantage of a virtually deserted High Line and the neighboring streets. Thanks for a great session, guys — and congrats!

  • David Hemsley Caldwell


  • Nicole Sattler

    Congrats Marina and Julian. These pictures are great.

  • Krystal Simpson

    These are so gorgeous!

  • John Henry Carter V

    How dare you bring tears of joy to my eyes. You guys are beautiful and inspiring.

  • Sofia Saari

    Love these!!!!!! I have two beautiful friends :)))) love love love

  • Tamara Seacrist Kumler