Majo & Colter | Brooklyn Brownstone Wedding Photos | Preview

This was such a fun wedding to shoot for two reasons. One, I’ve been dying to shoot a really chill backyard wedding here in NYC — and if you’re not aware, there’s a severe shortage of backyards in the city! And two, I’ve also been eager to shoot at a brownstone in Brooklyn. This one had both! Majo and Colter, congrats you guys — and thanks for letting me party with you!

  • Marsha Crittenden

    I love the pictures! It makes me feel like I participated in your special day, Colter. And I love your brownstone. Just precious, just like you and Majo!

  • Philly Herlein Rains

    Wonderful images!!! Looks like a beautiful day captured beautifully. Congratulations!!

  • Mark Bierman

    Waponi Chief: Do you want to marry him?
    Patricia: Yes.
    Waponi Chief: Do you want to marry her?
    Joe Banks: Yes.
    Waponi Chief: Good. You’re married.
    Joe Banks: Thank you, Chief.
    Patricia: Thank you, Chief.
    Waponi Chief: I’m going now.

  • Cara Chapman

    LOVE these pictures!!!! LOVE this precious couple! Yea!

  • Mona Haynes Odegard

    Beautiful! So glad we were there to share….

  • Anne Miller

    Awwww!!! So sweet!! Thousands of Best Wishes to you two!!!!!