Stanzi & Adam | Backyard Wedding Photos | Preview

I just got back to NYC from a weekend trip to Northern Kentucky, where I had a special honor of photographing Stanzi & Adam’s wedding! This was a total treat — Stanzi was a bridesmaid in my wedding two years ago, and my wife was a bridesmaid in this one. So fun!

Lots more to come, but enjoy these preview favorites for now.

  • Ami B Davis

    BJ-More please. MORE,MORE,MORE!!!!!

  • Michelle Cate-Harte

    Please don’t stop they are gorgeous, Ami is that your bed they are jumping on???? HA …..House looks amazing.

  • Lisa Malloy Eastland

    Gorgeous! Love the one of Stanzi and Ronnie! So sweet!

  • Lisa

    This day……words cannot describe how magical it was. I felt like The Princess Bride , so I can’t even fathom what Stanzi felt like. Days like these are forever etched in our minds, like the best dream come true!

  • Stephanie Torrens

    Oh my gosh Ronnie and Ami she is beautiful. Are we getting that old to where we have children getting married?? Congrats to you both!!

  • Kendra Schwarz

    I want to frame them all.

  • Stanzi Davis

    BJ, I couldn’t have asked for more. “Thank you” can’t even describe how grateful I am.

  • Emma Brock

    Bear Claws

  • Beth Beckman Mazza

    these pictures are even better as I get a second look…you just captured every beautiful moment!! Can’t go wrong with such a beautiful bride!!

  • Lisa Beckman Schwartz

    When will the entire album be available to view and order prints??

  • Krystal Simpson


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